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Hongyi Technology- Renovator Of Shot Blasting Machine Belt
Mar 12, 2018

Development of polyurethane belt

After the successful development of rubber belts in Japan 1968, the rubber belt has been developing for nearly 50 years, bringing many fruits to the industry. However in these 50 years of development, whether using hot hot vulcanization process or cold vulcanization process, the rubber belt still has the problems such as fracture and delaminating easily, which has to take times and effort to replace the belt. Is there a material that is more suitable to be the shot blasting machine belt?


The answer is yes, polyurethane has been invented to be widely used,and soon won the title of “wear-resistant king”, it is the ideal material for the belt. Western countries have also been trying to use polyurethane as an alternative to rubber belt for shot blasting machine, but have not been successful.


Fortunately, guangdong hongyi polyurethane science&technology co., ltd with professional ability in polyurethane successfully passed the customer’s trial test and obtained several national patents. After a more extensive customer trail, the company pushed the product to domestic and international markets in 2017.

The product has been widely used in Japanese enterprise and won unanimous praise. In less than one year, the product has been equipped with nearly 60 companies in five countries.

What are the benefits of a polyurethane belt for shot blasting machine? In fact, there are two main aspects:

One is the advantage of material; Two is the advantage of processing craft.


Polyurethane is a kind of new material which has excellent performances much better than rubber, especially in its abrasion resistance that can be reached about 10 times of natural rubber in practical application. Also polyurethane has such properties such as high hardness, good strength, high elasticity, tear resistance, ageing resistance, corrosion resistance, ozone resistance, radiation resistant and etc. All of these are exactly what a high-quality shot blasting machine belt needed to have. 

PU belt adopts high-temperature injection molding to ensure no seamless and no layers. Meanwhile, the PU abrasion-resistant part is much thicker than that of rubber product, all prisms are injected in the mold with the belt together, very strong and immovable. Thus the belt is more powerful on abrasion-resistance , and not easy to deflect and slip during running.


All of these advantages greatly improve the productivity effect and reduce the production cost.

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