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Q3210 Rubber Belt Shot Blasting Machine Introduction
Jul 05, 2018

This type of machine is throwing the projectile to the workpiece which turns continuously in the roller by using the rotating impeller with high speed, to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Qingdao Q3210 series crawler shot blasting machine is suitable for all the various hardware tools, small-sized castings, forgings, stampings, gear, spring and other parts of surface cleaning, rust removal, remove scale and shot blasting, strengthening technology are especially suitable for the cleaning of parts and reinforcement. It is suitable for large production scale, which can be used by single machine or forming steel plate pretreatment line.


The features of Q3210 rubber belt shot blasting machine:

1. Q3210 rubber belt shot blasting machine adopts SQ034 type cantilever centrifugal shot thrower, which has the features of long service life, simple structure and low failure rate.

2. The most advanced flow-curtain curtain full curtain slag separator is adopted in the pellet separator, which greatly improves the separation amount, separation efficiency and quality of pellet thrower and reduces the wear on the pellet thrower.

3. The dust precipitator adopts the most advanced domestic cyclone + cloth bag dust removal technology, the dust emission concentration is lower than the national standard, and the working environment is improved.

4. The wear-resistant rubber belt is adopted to improve the rolling times and cleaning effects. A guide bar is set in the middle of the non-working face to ensure the belt operates normally in the specified position and direction. It reduces the collision and damage of the workpiece and reduces the noise of the machine.

5. After the workpiece is cleaned, the belt can automatically unload the material when it is reversed, which reduces the labor intensity of the workers.


Q3210 rubber belt shot blasting machine application scope:

   Cleaning and polishing of die-casting, precision casting, precision forging, etc;

   Remove the surface oxidation skins of heat treatment parts, castings and forgings;

   Spring reinforcement;

   Defrosting and pretreatment of fasteners.



Q3210 rubber belt shot blasting machine system reference:

Individual workpiece weight


Loading capacity


Cleaning chamber end disc diameter


Working capacity of cleaning room


Shot thrower type


Maximum shot blasting capacity


Pelletizer motor model


Hoist lift


Separator discharge


Dust precipitator dimensions


Dust air volume

3500 mm³/h

The total power


Machine weight



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